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You've heard the rest, now hear the best! 
Terri Corigliano is one of the most versatile female voiceover artists you will find in the marketplace. Her tone is always professional, clear, smooth and articulate whether she is voicing a crisp, up-beat commercial or being the signature voice of a powerful, interesting business or corporation.  
Terri Corigliano is believable, normal and real, not your typical salesman or announcer type of voice.  She has a down-to-earth, girl-next-door, all-american quality to her voice that always comes across as sincere, honest and trustworthy. 
She has creatively voiced fun, energetic, hip, cool radio spots and powerful, informative podcasts.  She has done dramatic, bold TV ads, mysterious, intriguing audiobook intros and outros, educational and instructional webcasts and corporate training videos, trailers, welcoming and polished IVR phone systems. Terri Corigliano has also been the voice of serious and concerned political ads and videos.
When people hear Terri's voice, they believe her; she is smart, informed, authoritative and dynamic.  She is serious, yet approachable and casual giving the listener faith in whatever subject that she is addressing. 
Listening to Terri Corigliano, you feel like someone is talking directly to you in a personal, intimate way.  Her voice has a warm, deep quality that is perfect for narrations, educational projects and audiobooks.  She can be a teacher with a warm, trusting, motherly quality or she can sell any read or spot with a totally different feel with an edgy, sexy, alluring voice. 
Her voice can range shy to sarcastic, from playful to sassy from edgy to sweet.  Voice-seekers and producers constantly comment on what a pleasure Terri Corigliano is to work with and with her up-beat, happy, positive attitude, she easily adjusts to their every production need. 
You’ve heard the rest – now hear the best!
Voiceover Artist- Terri Corigliano
  • Clear - Convincing - Believable
  • Warm - Caring - Compassionate
  • The voice you need at a price you can afford
  • State of the art technology is used to provide the best sound possible
  • Free demos of your script by e-mail within 24 hours     
I have added a number of demos for you to access; if you are interested in learning more about my voiceover talent please click on the contact link below or e-mail me at terri@thefemalevoiceover.com . I am happy to provide you with a free demo so you can hear your specific script with my voice. 

My fees are negotiable and very reasonable. I enjoy doing voiceovers as much as a hobby as I do a career. 

I hope to hear from you soon!



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Terri Corigliano

E-Mail: terri@thefemalevoiceover.com